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Utex has a full line of mechanical seals for pumps. Including: Single and Double Cartridge Seals.

LIB1.jpg (7740 bytes)
Liberator 1
LIB2.jpg (7651 bytes)
Liberator 2
MB1.jpg (7041 bytes)
MB 1
MB2.jpg (7687 bytes)
MB 2
Genesis1.jpg (7030 bytes)

unilite.jpg (5426 bytes) DCG.jpg (2992 bytes)
DCG Gas Seal

The Cartridge style pump seals faces above are energized  by either a wave spring, a metal bellows or by multipule springs.  The correct seal for you varies by application

Utex's In-line pump shaft seals include:

mp.jpg (4741 bytes)
Utex MP

co.jpg (7344 bytes)
Utex CO

mb.jpg (5898 bytes)
Utex MB

assort.jpg (4382 bytes)
Assorted Replicas

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